2016 MABWA Buyers' Guide

When making decisions to purchase products and supplies for your company, consider contacting our MABWA Supplier Companies listed below.

Allied Purchasing Company

Allied Purchasing Company
1334 18th Street SW
PO Box 1249
Mason City, IA 50428

Kari Mondt: kari@alliedpurchasing.com
Brian Janssen: brian@alliedpurchasing.com
Steve Husome: shusome@alliedpurchasing.com

Telephone: 800.247.5956
Fax: 800.635.3775
Website: www.alliedpurchasing.com

PET Bottles, 5-gal. polycarbonate, & PET, Ingredients, Resin (HDPE & PET), Shrink & Stretch Wrap, Caps & Closures, Water Coolers, Racks, Cups & Dispensers, Crocks, Pumps, Filters & Housings, UV, Tanks, P.O.U. Products, Salt, Chemicals, Coffee & Uniforms

Blackhawk Molding Co Inc

Blackhawk Molding Co Inc
120 W Interstate Rd
Addison, IL 60101

Dale Berg: dberg@blackhawkmolding.com
Roy Parsons: rparsons@blackhawkmolding.com
Kathy Molnor: kmolnor@blackhawkmolding.com

Telephone: 630.543.3900
Fax: 630.543.3904

Closures, SafeGard & Traditional - 38mm caps, Press On (POIII), Single Thread or Quad (4 Thread) - Capping Equipment - Labels - SureGrip Carrying Handles, Aqua Starka

Collection Bureau of America

Collection Bureau of America
25954 Eden Landing Rd.
Hayward, CA 94545

Shawn DeLuna: shawn@collectionbureauofamerica.com

Telephone: 510.781.5128
Fax: 510.781.5129

We are a full service collection agency who understands the products and the equipment aspect of this industry. CBA offers account receivable recovery programs that fit within your business model.

Crystal Mountain Products Inc.

Crystal Mountain Products Inc.
915 Taylor Road, Unit #3
Gahanna, OH 43230

Robin Householder: robinhouseholder@crystalcoolers.com
Scott Seefeld: sseefeld@crystalcoolers.com
John Fiorelli: jfiorelli@crystalcoolers.com

Telephone: 614.454.1618 X 111
Fax: 614.866.7765

Manufacturer of water dispensers, bottled water and POU, and distributor of water related accessories. Products include: floor-standing, counter-top and under sink water dispensers and cup dispensers, bottle racks and cooler protections bags, and SemperClear filtration products.

Edge Analytical Inc

Edge Analytical Inc
1620 S Walnut St.
Burlington, WA 98233-3231

Allen French: afrench@edgeanalytical.com

TEL: 360.757.1400
Fax: 360.757.1402

Water Testing Lab. Annual, quarterly, monthly compliance testing.

GBC Systems Inc

GBC Systems Inc
4771 Sweetwater Blvd #142
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Lorna Schauseil: lorna@gbcsystems.com

Telephone: 800.819.1216
Fax: 281.494.3561

Route distribution software.


10113 Hyde Place
New Orleans, LA 70123

Stefanie Allweiss: stefanie@gotchacoveredhr.com
Patricia Pannell: patti@gotchacoveredhr.com

Telephone: 504.737.2438

We specialize in providing businesses with practical and cost-effective solutions to problematic challenges within the workplace. Stefanie Allweiss and Patricia Pannell bring more than fifty years combined experience in employment relations. We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly and productively so that your business and workforce can be successful together.

Good Pac Plastics

Good Pac Plastics
PO Box 16589
Atlanta, GA 30321-0589

Jim Goodwin: jim@goodpac.com
Gene Ross: gene@goodpac.com

Telephone: 404.363.8978
Fax: 404.363.8979

PET Bottles, Plastic Bottles

Guardian Ozone

Guardian Ozone
2971-A Oxbow Circle
Cocoa, FL 32926

Jacqueline Schramm: jschramm@guardianmfg.com
Larry Delk: ldelk@guardianmfg.com

Telephone: 321.631.4580

Guardian products include energy efficient ozone laundry systems, ozone generators, water based ozone antimicrobial treatment systems, ballast water treatment, ozone sanitation systems, gaseous ozone treatment systems, cold room ozone, custom vacuum chambers, commercial lighting controls, audio & video panels, EMI filters, hazardous gas monitoring systems, real-time vision systems, ozone systems, and RFID systems for just-in-time, plant automation systems.

IGO Products, LLC

IGO Products, LLC
PO Box 3558
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

Terry Havener: valerie@igoproducts.net
Rick Padgett: rick@igoproducts.net
Gil Abelardo: gil@igoproducts.net

TEL: 909.230.4753
Fax: 888.511.5787
Website: www.igoproducts.net

Botttled Water and POU Coolers

Joseph V. Gibson, PC

Joseph V. Gibson, PC (Law Firm)
118 Vintage Park Blvd.
Ste W 125
Houston, TX 77070

Joseph Gibson: jgibson@jvglaw.com

Telephone: 281.370.1810

Maine Maufacturing

Maine Maufacturing
2295 Northwest Padova St.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Efrem Pesyna: efrem.pesyna@mfgmaine.com

Telephone: 862.703.6459 / 561.307.1278
Fax: 772.828.2281

Manufacturer of mi agar, supplier of membranes, HACCP supplies,membrane filtration devices,microbiolical testing supplies, state certidied microbiology testing lab and Processing Filters.

Mickey Truck Bodies

Mickey Truck Bodies
1305 Trinity Ave.
High Point, NC 27261

Tom Arland: farland@mickeybody.com
Dane Meyer: dmeyer@mickeybody.com

Telephone: 336.888.2203
Fax: 336.889.6712

National Testing Labs Ltd

National Testing Labs Ltd
6571 Wilson Mills Rd
Cleveland, OH 44143

Stephan Tischler: stischler@ntllabs.com

Telephone: 440.449.2525 x 214
Fax: 440.449.8585

Water analysis, regulatory consulting, on-site testing meters.

NSF International

NSF International
789 Dixboro Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Myla Estacio: mestacio@nsf.org
Allena Najor: anajor@nsf.org
Anna Ciechanowski : achiechanowski@nsf.org
Janel Ayar: jayar@nsf.org

Telephone: 734.827.5684
Fax: 734.827.7121

Oasis International

Oasis International
222 East Campus View Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43235

Rej Tellier: rtellier@oasiscoolers.com
Ann Boyd: aboyd@oasiscoolers.com

TEL: 800.950.3226
Fax: 614.322.4557

Bottled & POU water coolers and Accessories.

Petainer Manufacturing USA Inc

Petainer Manufacturing USA Inc.
515 N River Street
Suite 206
Batavia, IL 60510

Ian Keogh: ian.keogh@petainer.com

Telephone: 720.312.9059

4 and 5 gallon water bottles

Polymer Solutions International Inc

Polymer Solutions International Inc
P O Box 310
Newtown Square, PA 19073

Steve Kurth: skurth@prostack.com
Dan Kelly: dkelly@prostack.com
Marge Eggie: meggie@prostack.com

TEL: 414.422.8507
Fax: 414.422.8508

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. manufactures the ProStack, TierStack and Bottle-Up modular rack systems used by hundreds of global bottlers to transport, warehouse, distribute and display 3- and 5-gallon bottle HOD operations and retail applications. We also manufacture several plastic pallet styles that are used in multiple industries.

Star Solutions, Inc

Star Solutions, Inc
P O Box 39
2318 Center Ste 101
Deer Park, TX 77536

Velma Roppolo

Telephone: 281.542.1000
Fax: 281.542.1001

Bottle Wash Compounds, Cooler Cleaners, Floor & Wall Cleaners, Equipment & Transportation Cleaners, scale removers, ro membrane cleaners.

Steelhead, Inc.

Steelhead, Inc.
P O Box 240487
San Antonio, TX 78224

David Redick: dredick@steelheadinc.com
Ricardo Bunt: ricardo.bunt@steelheadinc.com

Telephone: 210.628.1066
Fax: 210.628.1818

Water bottling and purification systems.

Sterling Containers

Sterling Containers
370 Woodcreek Lane
Fayetteville, GA 30215

Scott Kuehn: scott@sterlingbottles.com
Mike Scholz: mike@sterlingbottles.com

Telephone: 770.716.9828
Fax: 770.234.5769

5 Gallon PET Bottles.

The Sqwincher Corp

The Sqwincher Corp
1409 Hwy 45 South
Columbus, MS 39701

Jim Redovian: jim@sqwincher.com
Mary Shirah: mary@sqwincher.com
Tom Schofield: tomschofield@sqwincher.com

Telephone: 662.328.0400
Fax: 662.327.7821

Sqwincher's electrolyte replacement products are designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress. Sqwincher is more satisfying than water or soft drinks because it is absorbed more quickly by the body and restores it to its proper electrolyte and fluid balance. It is lower in sodium and higher in potassium than other sports drinks. Available in a variety of flavors in liquid and powder concentrates, ready-to-drink packages, and a variety of specialty packaging to suit most any situation.

Tailor Made Products, Inc.

Tailor Made Products, Inc.
101 Juneau Street
Elroy, WI 53929

Gina Parker: gparker@tmadeproducts.com

Telephone: 262.560.2200 x 4221
Fax: 608.462.5287

Bottle Buddy Racking System for the storage of 3 and 5 gallon water bottles in addition to our Brand new Cascada Pour and Store System, also for 3 and 5 gallon water bottles.

Waterite America, Inc.

Waterite America, Inc.
6411 Parkland Dr Suite 103
Sarasota, FL 34243

Bruce Clark: bclark@waterite.com
Jason Tasler: jtasler@waterite.com
Bill Jackson: bjackson@waterite.com

Telephone: 941.727.7211
Cell: 941-773-3996

Website: www.waterite.com

PET 5 gallon bottles, RO Membranes, Filters, Softeners, UV Lights.