MABWA Benefits & Services

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Why should you become a member of MABWA?

MABWA is a group of dedicated industry men and women working to help its members set higher standards and raise the level, individually and collectively, of quality and success by working with technical experts, suppliers, distributors, and fellow bottlers. MABWA is committed to providing its members with the information and tools needed to succeed in the competitive high-tech bottled water industry today.

Whether it is information on the latest technology, training, education, or finding the necessary resources to take a stand on important legislation, MABWA will stand behind you. As a MABWA member you will be part of a vital association that is committed to you and to the betterment of the bottled water industry.

MABWA offers its members many benefits including Technical Education, Legislative & Regulatory, Business Operations, Manufacturing Practices, Marketing & Sales and Industry Networking. As a special incentive MABWA provided specialized endorsed services for its members. Our newest endorsed service it discounted legal services.

Technical Education

MABWA provides members regular conferences and education seminars each year including training courses and workshops, with many including continuing education credits, on important topics such as good manufacturing practices, safety, cleaning & sanitation, and much more. Also provided are reviews for periodic plant inspections and licensure exams (which are often hosted during MABWA events).

Legislative & Regulatory

MABWA provides members important representation and awareness regarding state and federal legislative and regulatory issues that may impact the opportunity for successful business. When such issues arise, MABWA provides a much-needed “United Voice” for the protection and betterment of the bottled water industry.

Business Operations

MABWA provides members with ongoing opportunities to learn and employ industry standards in business operations, better ways to address everyday business issues from administrative and accounting to inventory and warehousing.

Manufacturing Practices

MABWA provides members ongoing presentations and workshops focused on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which are a necessary and vital for improving manufacturing and reducing waste and costs.

Marketing & Sales

MABWA provides members with ongoing opportunities to learn and employ the newest and most innovative sales and marketing techniques. MABWA works very hard to bring in industry experts from both inside and outside the industry to help boost members’ sales and marketing efforts.

Industry Networking

MABWA provides members with the single most powerful marketing opportunity in business – industry networking. Networking is about making connections and building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships – all a part of the many benefits of MABWA membership.